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How to Make Chili Easy and Homemade

How to Make Homemade Chili You will love this easy chili recipe.  It is super


How to Increase Fertility the Whole Story

How to Increase Fertility Hormonal imbalance, POS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), endometriosis, anovulatory cycle (irregular ovulation)

Women entrepreneurs creating business through online leverage…

I guide women to proven success in life, health and business.  As a leading wellness expert I built an amazing community,  I am so grateful this is my calling because I can help you do the same.   With love,  Nickie

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  • "“One of my proudest moments as a husband was watching my girl receive her nursing degree from The University of Virginia. Never knowing that her knowledge learned there would be just the beginning of a ferocious research and learning journey. She truly has a PhD in the real world of wellness. She has helped countless families and children to be on their way to a healthier life. A great example is the many doctors and practitioners that she has helped with their own health and also their patients. I love that woman!” Donald Knight"

  • "“Thank you for always being a source inspiration & information Nickie! The knowledge you’ve given has tremendously helped my ability to serve my family CONFIDENTLY with natural health & healing, especially as it pertains to caring for my children, and I am so grateful for the example you’ve set, the advice you share & for making everything so understandable & easy to put into action.” Laura Reynoso"

  • "“About 4 years ago I was having health problems but could not figure out what was wrong even after a few doctors’ visits. Upon your recommendation, I radically changed my diet and lifestyle and I had some tests done which showed I had loads of inflammation, methylation problems and Lyme Disease. I am happy to report that my inflammation is way down and I have more energy and vigor than I have in years. I will always be grateful to you for all your help!” Lyn Cooke"

  • "Dear Nickie, THANK YOU for being such an amazing wellness mentor to so many and for my family! My son was born 3 months early, medically fragile, very low weight & immunity. Your kindness, empathy, and knowledge as a holistic nurse provided a light for us through some dark moments! Your recommendations for supplements have made a noticeable difference in my son’s health! He is so much stronger now! He is no longer low weight and rarely catches illnesses. I’m now turning to you for some help with my health-like so many. I plan to reduce cravings, increase energy and achieve better cellular health. I have learned health information from you years before it hits the mainstream. Keep shining the light! You have such a gift! With gratitude and love, Leslie"

  • "“I have a special needs son and he has a very rare brain disorder. Nickie and I talked about different ways to increase his strength and his brain function. Now Nickie and I are working together so that I can reach optimal health. I feel fortunate to know this wonderful woman and I consider her to be Amazing!” Linda Dickinson"

  • "“Thanks to Nickie I am on the path to a healthy lifestyle! After a back injury landed me in many doctor’s offices and finding out I have several other health issues Nickie has been instrumental in getting me on the right vitamin regiment and a healthy eating plan! Thanks Nic! You know I always trust you 100% because you are so knowledgeable!” ~Gina Davis"

  • "I just want to sit Nickie in a room for 48 hours and take notes while she talks. There is always something to learn from her that will benifit your health. -Nicole Letchworth"

  • "Nickie has changed the health of my entire family. I am forever grateful to her knowledge and care for my family. – Cindy D."

  • "Nickie was an absolute breath of fresh air. Looking forward to our next meet!!"


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