Yes, I said ge·nius: a very smart, talented person who is remarkable.. having an influence on others for good or bad (we are sticking with good here people!).

I want you to feel supported right where you are. You have everything you need within you. You are beautiful inside and out! Just believe it!

The official blurb is this…

Nickie Knight is a leading wellness expert, holistic nurse, business mentor and creator of wellness media properties.  She has collaborated with the best names in the wellness space like Dr. Mark Hyman and has been featured in major publications such as the Huffington Post.  

Nickie has gained marked interested from women around the globe by simplifying the process of holistic health. She writes articles, recipes, and creates easy to follow programs so that Moms can experience their own symbiotic relationship between healthy children and healthy choices.  Her passion is mentoring women with a passion for health create a lucrative business for themselves.

Where I come in…

I am all about authenticity

Weighing the options for health

Restoring the broken

Loving all things cool but

embracing my inner geek-dom

Inspiring by example

Speaking truth with love

Sewing wings on the Mama who wants something to call her own. Making money enhances your life…you should have plenty (no apologies for this)

No judgement here. You eat donuts for breakfast? Who cares! Grab a juice later.

You like to eat out…so do I!!

Get real, Create Change and be Effective in Your Own Life!!  Let it be infectious…

Partner with me

Your Passion + My Process = Your Dreams



I claim 2 states. My family is in Lafayette, Louisiana the place where I was born. I love a crawfish boil with potatoes and corn because I am a #cajungirl in my soul. I love French things but don’t speak the language like my great grandparents. I was raised in Houston, Texas and have a deep love for most things Texas. Cowboy boots and jeans are the staples of my wardrobe most days in the fall.

I am a holistic registered nurse and a fierce researcher. I am the “go-to” guru for my friends, family and thousands in my community. My crazy friends do things like drop their drawers in my foyer to show me their full body rash instead of going to the ER! (No names here)

I tell it like it is, I am “mama bear” loyal, generous to a fault, and an only child.

I have a husband who loves me madly. Love him for that! He is a part-time comedian not for tender ears and a full time sales genius. My boys are 11, 8, and 5. They are skateboarders, Montessori educated, smart little scrappers!

Fun Facts

  • l was a competitive gymnast growing up (made me strong)… so I arm-wrestled the boys for lunch money in grade school.

  • I was an NBA cheerleader, we won the World Championship and I have my very own championship ring (Houston Rockets).

  • l got lost on a scuba diving trip and had to be rescued by another boat.

  • I am extremely competitive and l love me some trophies and titles (I know!)

  • Mitsubishi dropped off an i-MiE/ Electric Car for me to check out and love.

  • l am on entrepreneur and l love the feeling of success while wearing my flip-flops, uggs, or heels.


I pull up my BOOTSTRAPS

(because I actually own boots!) and

Get It Done!

I love my life and I love my business.  Finding the balance of family and this entrepreneurial drive takes a delicate hand.  Since starting my online business I have created some pretty cool magic…

I can help you create your own AUTHENTIC business and a super healthy life.  There is only one you in this world; lets make that unique light shine bright.

Health Coach, Wellness Practitioner, Holistic Nurse?


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