"/> Benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin Daily

Benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin Daily


Dry brushing (also known as body brushing or skin brushing) is an easy, stimulating and inexpensive skin massage technique often done before taking a shower or bathing to increase your body detox pathways.  I have seen first hand the benefits of dry brushing my skin for several years plus it feels so great!  It has been used in spas and cancer treatment centers across Europe with the Turks, Russians and Scandinavian having used it for centuries now.   The Europeans are always ahead of the curve, love them!

These are Dry Brushing Benefits:

  • Removes cellulite and layers of dead skin and thereby allowing new skin will grow quickly.
  • Help in lymphatic system cleansing (detoxification) and stimulates skin oil production.
  • Tightens, preserves, and prevents early skin ageing (oh yea baby!).
  • Improves functions of body systems such as the nervous system, circulatory system (boosts blood circulation), digestion system, and your body immunity.
  • Tones your muscles.
  • It helps in managing body stress.  It really does relax me every time I dry brush.

Dry Brushing Technique

We are not going to stress over this so if its too much follow the simple instructions of start at your feet and hand work toward your heart and go.  For excellent results in dry brushing, try to be thorough and slow 10 minutes before you shower. You can watch my dry brushing video below to see exactly how I do this.  I start out on my  feet across the bottom, top and then move upwards to the calves and thighs. Work on each leg at a time while you give more strokes in areas that have cellulite (only if you have it, and I am not saying you do) and work my way up toward my heart.  I move to my hands starting at my finger tips and work toward my chest.  I reach to my lower back and work my way up to the shoulders.  Finally, brush the stomach.  Stomach strokes should be done in a clockwise manner in the direction of how digested food flows.

How often do I shed my skin?

Yes, we shed in case you did not know that.  The outer layer of the skin or epidermis will slough off about every week making room for the beautiful young cells beneath.  Dry brushing helps to make room for these new babies so we can look and feel younger.  It also can prevent dry or itchy skin, helps in skin exfoliation and renewal. You will therefore have a very soft and smooth skin.  Some of its other benefits include the following:

What kind of Dry Brush Should I Use?

Use a brush with natural bristles or fibers to avoid making tiny cuts on your skin and exposing yourself to plastic yuck  Click here to see the best dry brush and the one I use, its made in Germany by Bodecare Tampico Dry Body Brush.  Now, get to brushing that skin.





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