If the answer to either of these questions is NO and you have an online business, you have a big problem.

Lets see where you are:

Have you learned how to use social media, post regularly and do what everyone tells you in that space?

Have you heard that you need to post authentic regular content on your blog to gain followers?

Have you spent money on courses for social media, blogging, online business school and more?

Do you see other women entrepreneurs making money online and you cant seem to get traction?

I am sure you answered yes to most of these or you would not have clicked on this page looking for me to help you!   Guess what, you are not alone. But don’t find comfort in that.  The truth is that people don’t tell you how to get to the top, not really.  They give you bits and pieces, tips and tricks, to-do list, free downloads, free webinars to high-ticket programs, good ways to meditate, excercises to identify your target audience (some call her an avatar) and get your mind-set right.

Sound familiar yet?

You have something to offer.

You have a desire to grow.

You have an entrepreneurial spirit.

You are KICK ASS, right?  People should be lining up to work with you or buy your product or services.  All of those things listed above are important, sure.  But, you need a solid business strategy for your business.  You need to make sure that every effort that you put into your business has a measured result.  If you don’t then how the hell do you know what works.

Throwing spaghetti on the wall is messy and it takes forever to clean up.  Especially when you do it again right after the clean up.  JUST stop!  I know you don’t want to start over 3 years down the road.  Heck, maybe you are already 7 years in?  That’s fine too… Trust me.  I have been there.  Guess what I did?

I hired a coach because thats what you do when you want to take that big vision and make it a reality.  The biggest coaches and CEOs all have mentors (coaches, consultants).

 Check out some of the results Nickie’s private clients are getting…


Working with me looks like this:

honesty – I will tell you if its not right, if your wasting your time,  and be brutally truthful (with love!).

transparency – I will tell you what really works and design a unique online strategy to BLOW up your online presence!

Measured results- We will know where you are (your real numbers), implement our unique plan and measure the growth!  Who does that?  Has anyone you have paid to work with you or bought a program from measured the results of what they taught or showed you to implement in your business?  I am guessing the answer is NO again… 

Accountability – As a private client we carve out a specific timeline that includes a VIP strategy session 1/2 day with me, bi-weekly calls, regular coaching calls, and strategic plans for online and social media each month.

This is a lot of work.  Smart and strategic work.  I would love to work with you if you are down with that!






I can not say it any clearer…



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