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Conscious Parenting Definition from Dr. Shefali Tsabary


I sat down at my computer with coffee in hand to check in on the social media world this morning.  People from all over send me messages to “promote this” or “check out that” but one caught my eye.  No coincidences here!  I watched a video that made me have goose bumps, feel excitement, and figure out how many avenues I personally had to share it to the Universe as quickly as possible!  If you want an Aha moment, a conscious parenting definition, or a “reset” button then I suggest you take 11 minutes to watch this talk.

With a ton of love ask yourself these questions and find your conscious parenting defitition…

Are you the best parent you can be?  Do you always try to be intentional with your children or reactive?  What inner voice do you want your child hearing through adulthood?  Are you lashing out at your child’s behavior because it illicits a “feeling” that you don’t want to have (maybe one of childhood like powerlessness or hopelessness or a lack of control)?   I went to a wonderful talk with my friend Kim a couple of months ago and it renewed an awareness…..and as the oatmeal flew across the table from one son to the other over breakfast a few days ago I had a “check”.  React or be intentional?  It’s a choice.  This is so important for my boys, for me, for my husband, for my faith and for their future.

We may hold bits of influence when it comes to the environment outside of our home, big pharma, mainstream education, and the government but as Dr. Shefali puts it, “we hold indubitable power that is in the relationship we nurture with our children.  Our children and us.  Moment after moment after moment.” we “hold transformative power…there is no excuse.”

Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D, is is a clinical psychologist and the author of the award-winning THE CONSCIOUS PARENT and mindfulness expert. Heralded as a game-changer in the parenting genre, this book turns the traditional parenting paradigms on its head and revolutionizes how we raise our families.  This is an 11 mins TEDx talk she recently gave in California that will give you pause.  I would love to hear any comments you have to share.


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