"/> How to Increase Fertility the Whole Story from a Holistic Nurse

How to Increase Fertility the Whole Story


How to Increase Fertility

Hormonal imbalance, POS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), endometriosis, anovulatory cycle (irregular ovulation) and many other factors can contribute to infertility. Couples who struggle to have a baby would find treatments to be quite costly yet in most cases, the situation is reversible without huge expense. It may be a complex problem but how to increase fertility may just be so simple and natural.

I remember having my first son, Jackson and carefully planning that my next baby should enter this world around his second birthday.  It was so easy to get pregnant with him that I just assumed this would be a breeze.  It was not!  I just wasn’t getting pregnant and it took me a year to figure it out.  For me, the issue involved improving my nutrients, increasing calories, getting more rest, and supplementing right.  I will share those things in this post so you too can be successful.  If you need some help customizing supplements though, please reach out to me because I have helped many women in your shoes:)  nk (at) nickieknight (dot) com   subject line: fertility help

What causes fertility problems?

1.     Nutrition

How many times have you heard the phrase, “you are what you eat”? If you are not nourished properly, it shows – either by excess weight or the lack of it along with other health issues that can prevent you from becoming pregnant. Nutrition is among the major factors why some women can’t conceive.

2.     Lifestyle

Aside from poor nutrition, lack of sleep and physical fitness are also contributing factors. Drug, alcohol and caffeine abuse, smoking, stress, and toxin exposure are also contributing factors. How poorly you live your life can negatively affect your desire to have a baby more so if you are over 35 when your ovulation cycles are being less cooperative.

3.     Different fertilization process

Some infertility issues cannot be explained by doctors especially when tests results are normal. Often though, unexplained infertility is caused by a slight difference in the way your fertilization works. All that you may need to do understand your monthly cycle better and support your reproductive system with good food, proper lifestyle and supplements.

What do you need to do to increase fertility?

Eat right

·       Starchy foods may impede fertility so try sweet potatoes or squash instead of grains. Add more fruits and lots of green leafy vegetables in your diet too and avoid sugars and processed foods including processed dairy products.

·       Coconut, olives, avocado, nuts and butter are good sources of healthy fats so take more of them. You may also try organically-fed animal meats. Increase your natural protein intake too.

·       Aim to drink at least 4 quarts of plain water (no juices or sodas) a day so that your urine stays very light yellow in color.

Live right

·       Sleep at least 7 hours a day, better if you can make that 8 hours. Hormone production is greatly affected by sleep. The lack of it results to decreased melatonin and serotonin and may negatively impact the ovulation and menstruation time gap lowering the chances of conceiving. Your adrenaline, insulin and cortisol also function better when you are well-rested.

·       Get into shape by exercising right. You need not overdo it because too much exercise could lower your body fat at a level that makes conception difficult. You can try one of the two most tolerated forms of exercise namely walking and swimming.  I love yoga and I think at this time in your life you require a calm, peaceful mind.  Yoga is a beautiful practice that will reduce stress and allow the body to open up.

·       Dealing with stress may be difficult but you need to learn how to do it if you wish to have a baby. Everyone has their share of stress and if they can deal with it, so can you! So relax. This would become easier once you have fallen into the habit of exercising properly.


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Supplement right So Your Body is Prepared for Pregnancy

Eating the right kind of foods, drinking adequate amount of water and exercising are a good way to start your way to fertility. I have said a thousand times over that our food supply has changed.  We just do not have the same minerals and nutrients in our food that we used to have.  You must be on a great supplementation regimine that is just more than a multivitamin.  Get with someone who can guide you because you may be missing something vital.  85% of women are deficient in vitamin E for example.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The following are among the most recommended dietary supplements, vitamins and herbs you can take to help boost your hormone production and increase your chances of getting pregnant.  Remember that there is a huge difference between recommended levels and OPTIMAL levels of nutrients and supplementation which is where I want all of my clients to live.  If you are struggling with fertility issues it is more important to maintain optimal levels of all nutrients.

1.     Omega Fatty Acids – beneficial fats such as omega-3 which is great for both mother and developing baby. Other cold water fish and flax are also rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.  I only recommend omegas that are tripled distilled and very high quality to avoid exposure of heavy metals.

2.     Natural progesterone cream – helps in balancing levels during ovulation and menstrual cycles where progesterone is an issue. Look for a brand that is free of soy and seek doctor advice about proper use.

3.     Vitamin B – helps improve fertility by boosting levels of lutenizing and follicle stimulating hormones. Vitamin B9 (folic acid) is also effective against complications and some birth defects especially during the very early days of pregnancy.

4.     Vitamin D – deficiency of this vitamin is being linked with poor reproductive system and failed pregnancies.  Most women are deficient.  We use sunscreen daily and we need way more than we are getting for immune support as well.

5.     Vitamin C – an intake of about 2000mg daily makes a good pre-conception measure to help boost fertility.

6.     Coenzyme Q10 – enhances egg quality and fertility.

7.     Selenium – an effective anti-free radical that helps protect sperms and egg.

8.     Zinc – taken with B vitamins, it helps in sperm production, in ovulation and in cell division.

9.     Red raspberry leaves – as hot or cold tea, this calcium-and nutrient-rich pregnancy herb is good for the uterus.

10.  Alfalfa – enriched with trace minerals and vitamins K, A, D and E, it increases the potency of other vitamins taken before and during pregnancy.

11.  Nettle leaves – rich in minerals, chlorophyll and vitamin K, this herbal remedy is a great stimulant for the uterus. A hot nettle leaf tea will help reduce stress too.

12.  Dandelion – a great body cleanser as its trace minerals and vitamins A and C help get rid of toxins.

13.  Maca – promotes fertility and vitality, this potent herb is known for balancing hormones for both male and female although women best take it not during but prior to pregnancy.  I have great smoothie recipes with Maca powder.

14.  Chaste Tree Berry – women may find a best friend in this herbal tonic known to boost the luteal phase and balance progesterone and prolactin levels.

15.  Red clover – another great hormone balance helper because of its high vitamin and trace mineral contents.

What should you be aware of?

Because it is your overall safety that is involved, it is best to work closely with your doctor to know your specific needs. Some of the herbs suggested may not be suited to be taken with some drugs that address fertility, hormones or birth control.

There may also be some physical impediments causing the pregnancy difficulty that may only be taken care of by your doctor. Diabetes, for example where insulin levels are a constant battle, could impede pregnancy. With the help of your doctor combined with the method suggested here, you could control your insulin levels and help your hormone production.

Should your partner be involved?

Yes, naturally, because men also combat fertility issues. The Rochester Medical Center University’s Reproductive Epidemiology Department found that sperm count in America’s male population has been dipping yearly at 1.5%.  There is a high chance that lifestyle has to do with this result and so men need take necessary precautions too. They should avoid things that could affect the health of their sperm such as exposure to radiations (excessive use of electronic gadgets) or the use of very restricting underwear.

The good news about increasing fertility!

Many women deal with this issue and yet a great number of them who have persistently worked on improving their diet and lifestyle have succeeded in having a child.  Optimize your fertility and soon experience the joys of becoming a mother by treading the path to proper nutrition and physical fitness so that your hormone levels start working in your favor.  Fertility doctors are a huge support for women who have tried everything in this article so if this is where you land just know you are not alone, you are loved and there are many of us in the same boat.


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