"/> Delicious Mediterranean Diet Food List

Delicious Mediterranean Diet Food List


mediterraneandietphotoIt has long been known that the Mediterranean diet brings a wealth of benefits for a healthy body. It appears science is now backing up this knowledge with studies showing that using a Mediterranean diet food list will have loads of health benefits.  Studies show a reduction of risks for cancer and heart disease as well as occurrence of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Adopting the diet is not only easy, but offers an incredible array of delectable tastes and choices for all of members of your family.

The main elements of the diet include a balance with physical activity and healthy lifestyle options. The key aspect is to focus on grains and anti-oxidant rich vegetables and fruits. The diet is a realignment to a more common sense aspect, adding a touch of delectable spices that will make the palate smile.

The Mediterranean diet doesn’t eliminate fats, but instead, replaces them with the healthier fats that your body needs.

When planning the transition and making your Mediterranean shopping list, include:

  • *A majority of plant-based foods: whole grains, nuts, legumes, vegetables and fruits.
  • *The use of olive oil as a healthy fat substitute for butter
  • *Replace salt with a variety of herbs and spices for food flavorings
  • *A limitation of red meat to just a few times per month, max
  • *The addition of poultry and fish at least two times per week
  • *Optional: red wine, of course, in moderation

In the Mediterranean diet, high grain breads are not consumed with butter, but instead dipped in olive oil that is seasoned with incredible spices. Eliminating that butter or even margarine will remove saturated and trans-fats and instead offer enticing and delicious spices that all can share.

If you are concerned with the higher fat content of nuts, rest assured that they contain the ‘healthy fats’ but keep in mind that they should be consumed in smaller quantities. Nuts should be eaten without the addition of salts or candied additions.

Dairy products can be part of the Mediterranean diet, but always choose the low fat, 2% or even non-fat choices.

The purpose of the Mediterranean diet is to add a touch of fun for the taste buds and introduce all to the joys of eating healthy.



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