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Saying Goodbye Opens Doors to NickieKnight.com


Today will be the very last day for HipMomsGoGreen (dot) com…

It has been 5 incredible years and I can not thank all of you enough for going on this ride with me. Today, August 12th, 2015, I  revealed my brand new site that I hope you will love. Please update your bookmarks accordingly, but if you forget, no worries. HipMomsGoGreen will redirect to NickieKnight (dot) com tomorrow.

The content on this site will be what my community asks me for, it will be my own (very few guest post) and posted a few times a week!  I will post about life, health, nutrition, holistic approaches to health, business, tons of recipes, videos, and DIY stuff too. I also live broadcast on Periscope under @NickieKnight so hit me up there too.


I have a new schedule that will accommodate my wellness business partners and a brand NEW Inner Circle Leadership Club for wellness entrepreneurs ready to take their place in a higher level of business training and leadership.

This is where I will share the knowledge I have gained from some of the highest level coaching over the years and the pitfalls I faced stumbling around trying to gain my footing online. This knowledge will truly save you years! I am only taking a certain amount of outside spots and the only way to gain early access is to join me on a short and sweet webinar this weekend. Register now for “How to Step into Leadership and Get the Wellness Business of Your Dreams” this Saturday or Sunday at 10am.

For the Wellness Entrepreneur Ready For a Bigger Audience & More Clients.

You will…

  • Learn why the key to success is embracing your inner leader.
  • Attain success strategies that you can use in your business right away to gain more visibility with your target audience.
  • Learn the tools that I use day in and day out to connect with your ideal clients.
  • Learn the key to writing your own health program from start to beginning in just 3 weeks.

*********By registering for this webinar you will get early access to my brand new private “Inner Circle Leadership Club”**************

Why I am saying goodbye

I am celebrating today as I say goodbye and welcome a bright new beautiful chapter to this amazing community and growing partnerships around the globe. As many of you know I have been a global educator of health and wellness for many years. I have partnered with some of the greatest names in functional medicine to deliver one of the best health summits live, have created programs that have changed the health of many, and built a team of wellness entrepreneurs on a journey to change lives and attain financial freedom in their life. I literally LOVE what I do! Honestly, I have to tear myself from “the box” (my husbands endearing term for my MacBook Pro) because there is so much to teach, to grow and to love I can hardly stand it.

My new tagline is “Guiding Women in Health, Life, & Business with Proven Success”. This is my passion and I would love to continue to serve you as I launch this new chapter in my life.

Grab Your Spot here





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