"/> Which Oil is Best for Cooking

Which Oil is Best for Cooking


So many of you ask me what type of oil to cook with? I use a variety of oils dependant on the type of dish I am cooking. When you look at which oil is best for cooking you must look at how high the heat will be for the particular dish your preparing.  If you use the wrong type of oil you run the risk of ending up with smoke that is harmful to breath and oil that has started to degrade. This means there is a formation of harmful radicals that you do not want to eat. Make sure to visit my post on the benefits of coconut oil and how it’s a must to put into your diet everyday after this one. So here is the oil cooking scoop….

Grapeseed Oil

Many chefs and cooks, like myself love grapeseed oil for cooking because it is one of the oils that retain the original flavor of the foods. This versatile oil can handle high temperatures around 475 without starting to smoke, burn or even splatter. Its smoking point is higher than most other oils and it is an antioxidant to boot.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has a very special flavor and I like to save it for off heat recipes. Extra-virgin oils are of higher quality, as the olives used to make them are processed within 24 hours of picking. One of the key polyphenols in olive oil has been proven to decrease the risk for heart disease.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil does not contain much unsaturated fat so it is not easily damaged by heat. This oil does not end up forming trans fats when subjected to high heat. The stability of coconut oil under heat makes it good roasting and searing. Of all the edible fats, coconut oil is said to be not only the healthiest to cook with but also the least susceptible to heat-induced damage.


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