"/> Why is Quinoa Good For You

Why is Quinoa Good For You


I certainly didn’t grow up eating quinoa since rice was the main staple in southern Louisiana! Quinoa doesn’t go to well with gumbo, gravy and etoufee. However, I have incorporated it into my diet for many reasons. So why is quinoa good for you? This info graphic shows you all of the nutritional benefits. Quinoa is gluten free and has tons of magnesium. Many people are magnesium deficient because they are not getting the amount of green leafy veggies that they need.  Quinoa has a ratio of 71% carbohydrates, 14% fats, and 15% protein.

So, why is quinoa good for you?

This is an excellent solution to add magnesium into the diet which is so important for regular bowel movements (yes, I am talking POOP!), sleep, and headache prevention. The best part is quinoa’s protein content beating out rice with 13.1g per 1/4 cup serving! Play around with recipes that are both sweet and savory and see what your palate enjoys.


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